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Become Comfortable in Water

You will learn how to balance and float. Identify how your body relates to the surface. How to reliably get air. Feel safe and comfortable no matter how deep the water is. Realize that survival has nothing to do with complex choreography. And that you can do it indefinitely!

How to Swim 2.0

We believe you can already swim. It's just that no one has been able to show you how to be comfortable in water. We can show you simply, safely and faster than any one in the market today. You deserve to be safe in deep water!
Meet the designer

Hugh Jo

We've designed a method that is based on core principles of psychology and kinesiology, making it the best way to learn how to swim today. No one will tell you to relax, blow bubbles, or just get over it. There are no complicated mechanics to memorize. Instead, you will learn simple, safe, and easy steps that will show you your relationship to the surface and how easy it is to breathe and get air. Once you understand and internalize this, everything else is easy because being unable to get air is what made swimming difficult and clumsy in the first place.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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