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Balance: The Foundation of Swimming. 

Without balance it would be hard to do anything. But with swimming lack of balance is awkward, painful and can be life threatening. But don't worry balance is easy to find. We've done all the research, testing and have come up with the quickest way to find your balance. 
These simple steps will help you to understand your relationship to the surface and help you to discover how easy it is to get air. How to stay safe and how to feel confident and comfortable in water, no matter how deep the water is. And you can do this all without knowing any of the classical swim strokes. 

What's included?

5-8 Simple Steps to Confidence in Water
You Only Need 3 Simple Tools to Get Started
1.  Goggles
2. Nose Clip
3. Neoprene Jacket 1-2mil (for colder pools)
Meet the instructor

Hugh Jo

Hugh Jo has been making people feel safer and more confident in water since 2012. He believes anyone at any age can learn to be comfortable in water. He is a subject matter expert when it comes to breaking down movement of the human body, coordination and synchronization. And has spent much of his time understanding the kinesiology and psychology of the person achieving competence in deep and large bodies of water. He enjoys sharing what he has learned and helping those to surface their innate abilities so that they may enjoy all the pleasures of activities in, over and near large bodies of water.  
Patrick Jones - Course author
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